Directory of Registered Offices at New Delhi

Directory of Registered Offices at New Delhi

The company Domain + Web Space + Installation + Web-Site + Digital Marketing is the need of today’s economic atmosphere in the country. Digital marketing is essential for off-line and on-line business now a days. Since we have thought of providing our services on-line to our clients, we have the reduced the cost to so much of amount that we are giving it free of cost to our new clients.

The Domain Name

The Virtual Office in Delhi has made a scheme in which the clients have to provide only a write up of one page. We will allot a domain name of your company. For example, your company name is RS SAHOTA HUF and the company want a web-site in which their name sahota should come. Therefore, the domain name, we shall provide the domain as The number 110075 is the pin code of the virtual office address or your would be address of the registered office. Every company name shall be followed by We have the total control on the name of the domain name and therefore, you will be able to use it till you are using our Virtual Office facilities.

The Web Space

The Virtual Office in Delhi has already booked sufficient space with a international company and entire cost of the space is borne by Virtual Office. We will not charge any money from you for your web site. Since it is being used by many of clients, it is a scheme of helping them in digital marketing of the CEO of Virtual Office on the one hand and retaining the clients on the other.  Therefore, we are giving free space to our Virtual Office clients.

Installation of word-press on

The IT team of Virtual Office in Delhi will install the wordpress on main domain i.e. The names of all the web-sites and names of the business will have a short introduction on this main page of this web site. A link will be provided by us from this web-site to your one page web site being given to you as sub-domain. We have already purchased Yoast premium plug-in for SEO. As per our experience a lot of visitors will be attracted due to Google Ad and Google My Business Ad as well as the Yoast premium plugin. This plug-in alone cost $89 directly from yoast and it has already started working on it.

Pages on our wordpress site

There shall be no other page on wordpress site except the main page. To keep focus on the main page and focus on links given to your free website.

Posts on our wordpress website

We will provide post on our web-site for your company at some extra cost if requested by you. The basic reason is that, this page will be full of SEO with “Yoast Premium Plug-in”. You will be provided with 5 tags on every post. It means, you will have presence of total 6 posts having full SEO benefits.

Your free web site

Your free web site will be html web site created exclusively for you. The installation, development, space and hosting of your company products and services are totally free for you till you are having your office with us.

Extra Page on

In case the client needs to display more information or products or services, you can book more pages at reasonable cost to be paid to us in future.

Hosting of your own domain & web-site

We will charge Rs.1,000/- per annum for hosting with space. The cost of renewal of domain shall be paid by you, when ever it becomes due. We will also “Yoast Premium Plug-in” if your web site is on wordpress, totally free of cost.

Names of our websites of Virtual Office

(i) Virtual Office from Rs.500/- p.m. onward

(ii) Virtual Office in India

(iii) Cheapest Virtual Office in Delhi

(iv) Virtual Address in Delhi 

(v) Virtual Office On-line

(vi) Best Virtual Office in Delhi

(vii) Virtual Office in Delhi

(Viii) Virtual Office Address in India 

(ix) Instant Virtual Office in Delhi

(x) Virtual Office – India

(xi) Virtual Office for GST Registration in Delhi












(xiii) Virtual Office for E-Commerce Businesss

(xiv) Free web sites for virtual office clients

We are authorized for all Business Registrations like Registration of Proprietorship, Partnership, LLP, Private Limited Company, Charitabale Trust, OPC, IEC, FSSAI, GST, MSME, Udyog Aadhar etc. and filing of all returns like Income Tax, GST etc. All services are online. You may Click Here to go to our GST Suvidha Kendra Web site.

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